Fund Raising with Fudge

Dear Potential Fund Raising Partner,

Does your nonprofit organization need additional revenue to help finance its projects and activities? Is your group trying to come up with a new fund raising idea? Goodies Galore has the solution. We offer an innovative program called Fund Raising with Fudge. This program has proven results and is incredibly easy to implement. As a member of the same community, we enjoy supporting local causes and encouraging their growth through fund raising.

Fundraising with delicious homemade fudge generates high profits and it's fun!

Homemade fudge is a high profit generator that traditionally out earns most other fund raising products. Goodies' homemade fudge is gourmet quality that is not readily available. It is delicious, creamy, and always made fresh. This incredible taste and limited availability make it very desirable to your potential fund raising customers.

We provide a wide selection of the most popular flavors, including chocolate, peanut butter, and maple nut. The bottom line is fresh homemade fudge is a wonderful gift for any occasion. However, for your non fudge eating customers, we offer a variety of delicious treats tucked into a one pound designer tin. We have a vast assortment of gourmet candies, Jelly Belly brand jelly beans, and even fresh baked cookies.

You can choose from several fund raising programs depending on your timeline, resources, and fund raising objectives. Goodies will provide the expertise, collateral, training, and most of all, the mouth watering homemade fudge or other delicious treats to ensure your fund raiser is a smashing success. Learn more about our Fund Raising with Fudge program and other ideas by calling us at 937-644-0251. We are happy to meet with you to discuss which fund raising program best suits your needs.